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Are you a Lena or a Maria - Find out:

Do you say yes to everything? *
Is money important to you? *
Do you feel you haven’t reached your full potential yet? *
Are you brunette? *
Do you rarely think you might be sick? *
Does commitment sound scary? *
Do you enjoy sex without commitment? *
Are you rarely bored? *
Do you like to party? *
Do you feel like your life could start tomorrow? *

Count your yes's and no's - if you have more than 5 yes's - you are a Maria. If you answered with more No's then you are a Lena. If you are 50/50 watch the movie again and make up your own mind! ;-)

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Everything Is Wonderful will be available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play on October 16, 2018.

You can pre-order the movie on iTunes now:


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